Frequently Asked Questions

LUCKY is a new end-to-end platform that helps you to improve the quality of your customer interactions in order to rapidly grow your business. It combines the latest IOT and smart device technology with a mobile app and robust cloud server applications to present a very scalable, high availability Machine-to-Next™ platform that works for the smallest business as well as the largest global enterprise.

With LUCKYcx, you can quickly and easily deliver on the promise of immersive, personalised experiences by providing consistently relevant, high quality, multimedia communications and offers in order to increase value exactly at your customer’s point of interaction (POI). By using the multimedia content delivery platform that is an integral part of LUCKYcx. To interact and engage with every customer. Most importantly, our analytics engine uses world class mathematical models and machine learning algorithms to analyse your customer data, in order to identify patterns and provide valuable information and insights about your customers and their behaviour, so that you can quickly modify your strategy, maximize results and achieve your goals.

We could give you 20 reasons but these two should be enough.

  1. If your customers’ experience is better, they will buy more, and you will make more money.
  2. If you have more information about your customers’ behaviour, you can improve their experience.

LUCKYcx will help you achieve both, and much more. Contact us today and we will show you how to Turn on the Magic!

Every business that sells directly to consumers will benefit from deploying Luckycx, especially airports, art galleries, colleges and universities, corporate campuses, event organizers, hotels, malls, museums, real estate companies, restaurants and retailers.

No. Like all great technological innovations, the LUCKYcx CBP is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Besides, we will handhold you through the initial period.

No. We have the process well defined, so that its quick and painless for you.

Less than the daily cup of coffee at your favourite neighbourhood coffee shop. Please contact us for an exact price quotation.

Actually, we designed and built LUCKYcx as a system for global, multi-location enterprises. Using the expertise we acquired while building and delivering the world’s largest privately managed emergency service – a service that is inherently high availability and massively scalable – LUCKYcx uses smart devices, mobile technologies and cloud based servers to deliver a very unique and intelligent system, with features and pricing that are unmatched.

If we fail to deliver what we promised, we will refund your money.

We divided it into modules, so that we can deliver even greater value to our customers, by not giving you what you don’t need right now and making it possible for even the smallest businesses to Turn on the Magic!

Contact us today, for your free onsite, no obligation demo and discuss how LUCKYcx will help you, with one of our trained sales advisors.

Please tell us more about yourself and your business so that we can get in touch with you.

We are looking for distribution, sales, implementation and support partners in every major city across India.